DoubleTalk is about you, and your tandem experiences! We welcome article and photo submissions that follow our guidelines. All submissions are moderated before they appear in the blog.

  1. Comments about articles can be made directly from the Leave a Reply form at the blog, and only require a name and email address.  The email address is not published.
  2. In order to submit your first online article you must request we setup an account for you.
  3. Once setup you will be given a direct link to the article submission form and will be able to log-in and submit articles directly.
  4. After completing the form and submitting your article please take time to go to your Profile to add a brief  tandem biography, and avatar or photo that will be displayed at the end of your article. To do this look under Tandem Club of America in the top left of the black bar on your screen (when logged in). You will see Dashboard. Go there and locate Profile to add your 100 x 100px photo and a brief bio, 30-50 words.
  5. Articles that do not include a tandem biography may not be published before one is provided. You can also email the photo and bio and we will add it for you.
  6. The submission form will allow you to upload up to twelve images not larger than 1MB file size each. The web does not need exceptionally high resolution photos, generally JPGs of 200KB in size are of sufficient quality.  Article photos generally are published from partial to full span of the blog. Larger photos may be particularly appreciated where technical detail is being communicated, or if you happened across exceptional scenery or circumstances!
  7. We are also interested in featuring your best tandem-related photos.  In addition to photos accompanying articles, landscape-format photo contributions to DoubleTalk’s  Homepage slider are encouraged. If they are equal to (or greater than) 1014 x 550 pixel dimension at 72dpi (our minimum size), that will help us easily publish them. If they are larger or smaller we will work with you to edit them to make them work in this format.  If you have a Caption and Photo credit, we would appreciate these too.
  8. We want to make the process as easy as possible for you.  If you encounter difficulties, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!