There have been a number of scam transactions attempted on the site recently – we strongly suggest that you use a third party, such as a bike shop or escrow company for all transactions not done in person.

Contact Janika Eckert
Albion, Maine, United States
$ 4,500.00

Custom Bilenky filet-brazed Softride beam tandem. Shiny black powdercoat job (by Spectrum Powderworks) is immaculate, showing off the many special details. Tour anywhere/anytime with front & rear Tubus racks, 6 water bottle braze-on locations, SGS fenders, and 2 Schmidt headlights. Equipped with lug-style high end S & S couplers; comes with 2 travel cases and protective pads for taking this bike anywhere!

Mavic T519/520 rims built with 40 x 2.0/1.8mm spokes front and rear. Schmidt dynamo front hub and Shimano tandem rear hub. Paul cantilever brakes with Shimano 9-speed bar con shifters. Shimano XTR rear derailleur and XT front derailleur.

Sugino 170 mm cranks power the 9-speed 11-32 cassette and wide-range triple in the front (22-33-48).

Adaptable for variety of sizes M-L captain and S stoker, with long captain seat tube and adjustable beam. Low mileage.

Contact Janika at 207-313-1694 or Rob at 207-313-1695.
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The TCA cannot guarantee the accuracy or authenticity of any ad placed on this website. Therefore, buyers should be mindful that internet-based transactions — long distance, or in person, have certain inherent risks. Buyers and Sellers are both at risk for theft by fraud and any face-to-face meetings also present risks related to theft as well as personal safety. Please take time to do some research about buying and selling from one of the many articles that you’ll find on line, such as one of these: (it applies to bikes also)

You may also want to think about the following (courtesy of Mark Livingood):

Ideally, most buyers and sellers prefer to find one another in close enough proximity to permit a face-to-face meeting, a physical inspection of the tandem and, of course, a test ride; perhaps even an extended test ride. Fortunately, at least in all my dealings with private sellers, buyers and tandem-specialty dealers or builders, long distance transactions have always been quite pleasant and ended up with no surprises. So, while there is some degree of risk, if you’re willing to trust your “gut” on a long distance transaction neither you nor the other party should end up being any worse for wear if everyone keeps their cards on the table throughout the transaction.

NOTE: A detailed sales contract should be drawn up for all long distance transactions. Language should be included that spells out all provisions regarding who has responsibility for the tandems shipment, under what conditions the buyer may decline to accept the tandem at the time of delivery and who will bear the responsibility for shipping costs. As an example, sales agreements should plainly state if the seller clearly mis-represented the condition or features of the tandem, or it was damaged in route, they bear the burden for a remedy subject to approval by the buyer. If the buyer simply changes their mind for any reason and no longer wants the tandem, they bear the burden for all shipping costs. In some cases, buyers and sellers may want to use a trusted, local bike shop as an agent for receiving and inspecting the tandem to protect their mutual interests.

The use of a third party escrow service may also aid your transaction.