Sep 24, 2018 – Oct 7, 2018 all-day

Our two-week long tour of Belgium will give our lucky co-travelers enough time to fully enjoy
what is arguably the tandem bicycle tourists version of “heaven on earth”. Belgium is famous
for its high quality production of beer and chocolate. But that doesn’t tell the whole story.
When you add the country’s huge network of small, cycle friendly roads and paths; and its
incredible and beguiling “art” cities; and its important historical role in shaping our modern
world; you have a tour that is too good to let slip away.

We begin our tour in the English dominated region of Flanders. After our luxury coach
transfer from Brussels, our first two night stop is Ghent, a city that charms with its
exploration inviting cobbled streets, wandering canals and engaging museums. We ride on to
Bruges, a city long forgotten by the modern world which now provides a picture perfect
presentation of medieval life. After a tour of a world famous Trappist brewery, (with
samples), we have our third stop in Ieper, a world famous site of WW1 conflict. When we
travel to the French language dominated region of Wallonia, our two night stay over is
Tournai. After our standard, every other day loop ride, you will enjoy the spectacular
Cathedral and Grand Place in this charming town. Our next tour stop is Mons which was a
European “City of Culture” in 2015. As we proceed to the town of Waterloo you can’t help
but to be immersed in the famous standoff between Wellington and Napoleon which made
this town a tourist destination since 1815. Our final stop is the ancient university town of
Leuven with its many visual and gustatory temptations.

Have we enticed you with our brief overview of what you can expect to enjoy on this
PennyWise Cycle Tour? We hope that you will take a further look at our site so that we can
convince you that this is one tour you don’t want to miss!