Dear DoubleTalk,

I know our membership in TCA has lapsed, but there’s something I’d really like to see in DT.

I don’t know if you’d heard, but we had a crash at MATES [Crash One] which resulted in some injuries.

The message for cyclists is this: I’d made a habit of carrying ID & insurance cards with me when I rode, and Marg happened to have her stuff with her as well. The ambulance crew and the hospital folks needed to see those things. I doubt that Road ID or similar stuff would be adequate. They wanted to see our driver’s licenses.

When we crashed, there were four other tandem teams right behind us, and they all stopped to help. Margaret overheard one of the riders commenting that they never carried ID & insurance cards.

I would strongly recommend carrying ID, insurance cards, etc., for all rides. You never know when the road is going to rush up and smack you!

Thom & Margaret Remington

Wilmington, Delaware