We are in South Africa participating in Joberg2C (http://joberg2c.co.za/), the premier multi-stage mountain bike race in the world. This is a 9 day odyssey of mountain biking over beautiful terrain. Each day we’ll ride about 65 miles through farmlands, mountains, and savannas, climbing an average of 3500 feet.

A lot has changed since last year. Working with the race administration of Joberg2c, TCA was able to persuade the officials to add an official tandem category in the race.


Their media coverage did an amazing job providing coverage to the tandem racers. You can see the world-class 2015 summary video at:

However last year, the inclusion was not at the same level as other categories, and that has changed significantly this year. This year the tandem category has complete coverage with a full podium category each day. In addition, the tandem category has prize money awards for first and second places.

This year we are once again racing against one of the dominant tandem teams from Kenya, captained by John with stoker Douglas who is a blind rider. I will cover their incredible story at a later time.

We just finished Day 4 and the competition is close with alternating winning days between the Kenyan team and us. While we believe that they will be the ultimate winner, we are holding hope that perhaps we can attack on the next few hilly days.

Joberg2c provides daily race coverage with helicopter flying and motorcycle riding the trails with us. It is quite an unique experience to be followed by an off-road camera man riding next to you, or a helicopter hovering right beside you to film your journey!

The daily 2016 videos can be found at (can be searched via youtube “joberg2c 2016”):

We do hope to see more mountain bike tandem riders at Joberg2c. About 80% of the race occurs over gravel type farm roads. Most of the single-track is meticulously made with wide switchbacks, certainly wide enough for a tandem to easily maneuver around the turns. What is difficult to describe is the amazingly spectacular landscape of rural South Africa. To see a group of zebras riding along you is a life-time memory.

At the end of the race each day, we are hosted at wonderful race villages. These villages are set up just for the 850+ riders and are moved to different locations every single day. That in itself is an unbelievably orchestrated event. In addition to wonderful meals, the race villages include a full medical crew, media crew providing daily entertainment, massage and physio crew, warm showers, and many other facilities.


We consider ourselves a fit team but certainly not a top competitor and we have been able to manage this race. We hope that other tandem teams will take a leap and experience what a top-class 9 day multi-stage race feels like, and experience the country of South Africa in a way that few get to see.