We received the following message from Tracy & Alexa Edward:
“I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to say thank you on behalf of my daughter Alexa. She just joined an 8-week long Youth Cycling program for 8-12 year olds that is starting up next week. She’s really excited about it and we just bought her a new “big kid” bike with 21 gears for her birthday 2 weeks ago to start the program off right. The instructor sent home some preliminary “homework” to get the kids started off right for their first class – to research cycling basics and safety and bring what they learned to their first class to share. Alexa came across your Tandem Club page https://tandemclub.org/resources/ and it’s been such a great help to her in preparing, so we wanted to say thank you!

Since your page was so helpful to her, Alexa wanted to return the favor and share a helpful safe cycling resource she found with you, “Bicycle Safety Tips” at https://www.rosenfeldinjurylawyers.com/bicycle-safety-tips.html . She thought it would be a good addition to the other cycling resources and websites on your page. I know she’s be so excited and proud if you did decide to add it, but either way she wanted to let you know what a huge help your page has been in getting her ready for her cycling program!6 Bicycle Safety Tips