We received the following email:
My name is Rachel and I volunteer at a youth center with a safety program for kids. I came across your website while discussing cycling, bicycle safety, and the importance of protecting one’s head. I want to say thank you!

One of my girls, Lisa, did some web searches at home and found this page that she brought in for me to see

Is a Helmet Worth It? How Brain Injuries Affect Different Body Functions

I suggested that she share this with you because it had such great information and I also want to impress upon all my students that by reaching out and simply asking others, like yourself, things can be accomplished that the girls might not otherwise think can.

Would you please add the link to that resource for them to your web page? They would be so proud to see that you included it. I also don’t think it hurt that I promised the group a pizza day if you did! Please let me know if you’d be willing so I can share the exciting news with them!

Thank you very much in advance.