Have you ever heard of The Moth? The Moth is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the art of storytelling. Moth shows have a theme and storytellers get up and tell true stories without notes to a live audience. The Moth produces more than 500 live shows each year – mostly with ordinary people, although some of their shows are more produced. The Moth has a podcast and radio show on NPR.

A few years ago, Caren and I won the opportunity to choose the theme for a Story Slam. We chose the theme “In Tandem.”  A Story Slam is a show where people who want to tell a story put their names in a hat and ten names are picked to tell their tales.

Caren decided to exit her comfort zone and tell a story at the Slam. Her name was picked and she told a story about our 2010 cycling adventure in the Loire Valley. Our trip was fabulous but it was not without some misadventures, one of which you can hear about in this story!

Caren and I started a new business called Adventures In Tandem, a tandem cycling vacation company, and one of our trips for 2017 is to the Loire Valley, which is what brought this story back to mind.  Doing this with a group of tandems would have this memorable trip even better!

Have a look:

Of the 10 stories told that night, this was the only one that was cycling related.